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Taxi-Trucks: flexibility & punctuality

Furniture removals and “taxi-truck” services are in fact one and the same thing. In Australia in the past there were “official” taxi-trucks that could be hailed like a taxi cab — identified in NSW by a green licence plate with a “T” prefix. A “taxi-truck” driving licence was required, but discontinued some years ago. Nowadays a “taxi-truck,” as it was historically, is meant for smaller and quicker removals work in general — putting a premium on availability, flexibility and punctuality.

You can also think about us as being a 'furniture courier' service – the perfect way to move a single (or few) items from one place to another – quickly and efficiently.

When working for other removals outfits in urban centres like London, Chicago and Sydney — we always seemed to be driving around in oversized trucks with small loads, battling traffic and looking for non-existing parks, which never seemed located where we needed them. This was inevitably not only inconvenient for us, but was inefficient, time-consuming and costly for the customer. Not to mention the environmental impact, as considerably more fuel is used with larger trucks.

Taxi-Trucks go Rocket

In 1987 Andrew Thomas (aka Andy Rocket) started Rocket Taxi-Trucks in Sydney.

For the reasons described above, Andy decided to use one-tonne tray-back open utes as the main vehicle transport. Our Rocket "Taxi-Trucks"(utes) are quick to load and unload. Working with experienced personnel we can pack an amazing amount of goods on them, securely tied and tarped down. From early on we also made sure to outfit Rocket Taxi Trucks with all the required moving accessories — pads, blankets, trolleys, straps, ties, etc. Plus, the climate in Sydney and NSW suits our open utes well.

Moving your stuff for almost 25 years

Our Rocket Taxi Trucks are quick to drive around, easy to park and we can often get access in underground parking areas where larger trucks can’t go. We move all kinds of stuff from everywhere — furniture, personal goods, whatever. You think of it, Rocket Taxi Trucks has moved it — a 1906 Linotype printing press that had been made into a bed; large giant glass holograms transported (very carefully) to the Australian National Gallery in the ACT for a prominent internationally known artist; and a collection of dental chairs (mid 19th century to modern).

We also get a lot of work from auction houses, interior designers and antique dealers and have gained a great deal of knowledge about moving furniture in general over almost a quarter century (25 years). Rocket Taxi Trucks staff are all very experienced with most having worked for Rocket Taxi Trucks for over 10 years.

Why Rocket?

Why Rocket? Well, after shelving "Speedy," "Fast,’" "Ace," and "Bullet," a good friend and I came upon the name ‘Rocket.’ It immediately hit the spot. During the early 80’s I did a lot of work promoting interstate rock’n’roll bands and putting on gigs at the Graphic Arts Club in Chippendale and other Sydney inner-city venues. A friend, Lisa Madden, had been studying graphic design and had designed a number of rock posters for me, so I was aware of the importance of a good logo to help brand a new business. My brief to Lisa was to come up with something along the lines of a 1950’s ensignia that might look good on a baseball cap or jacket.

Twenty-five years on, our team still loves the design that Lisa gave us. Tragically, Lisa passed away in 1992 — but we can only hope she’d appreciate that the logo is still going strong.

Rocket’s musical connections

We love moving furniture, but all the guys from Rocket have outside interests, mostly around music, and we keep the business as flexible for our personnel as we do for our customers. Rocket Taxi Trucks has a long and strong connection with Sydney’s music scene. We could’ve been called “Rock-It” due to the observations by many of our customers that most of Rocket Taxi Trucks' personnel have been or are active musicians.

I’ve worked with bands in the 1980’s and continued actively through 1994 promoting and managing bands and venues. “Roaring Jack,” “Rocks” and many rockabilly bands. Twice in the last 3 years we’ve had “Rocket Spectaculars” at the Botany View Hotel, Newtown. These are events where any musician who has ever worked for Rocket Taxi Trucks is eligible to play.

Looking after you, our customer

We know that moving is stressful for our customers, so Rocket Taxi Trucks aims to make your move easier, even when it’s not. Looking forward to our next move, which we’ll most definitely aim to do with style!

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Andrew Thomas (aka Andy Rocket)

(The Original) Rocket Taxi Trucks